All Tied Up (Lecture ONLY)

Learn about shibari/kinbaku and hojojutsu during this presentation about rope bondage in Japanese culture from an American perspective. Discussion about types of rope used and where to purchase as well as where to find resources such as books and videos. Lecture concludes with where find online communities, local groups, and rope events.

  • Suitable For: anime, gaming, and other genre conventions/events 18+ programming
  • Suggested Duration: 30 minutes (.5 hours) – 60 minutes (1 hours)
  • Format: Lecture
  • Tech Requirements: Projector with VGA input, VGA cable, Power Outlet
  • Space/Setup Requirements: Lecture or Classroom Style
  • Provided By Presenter: iPad, 30 pin to VGA adapter, VGA cable (upon request), Extension Cord (upon request), HDMI to VGA adapter (upon request)
  • Parties Involved: Traeonna (Presenter)
  • Compensation: This class is typically presented under special arrangement; typical compensation requirements are more flexible. At minimum, admission to convention/event for day(s) presenting for Presenter and 1-2 Assistant/s.