Binding Intentions: Utilizing Rope in Ritual, Energy Work, and Other Practices

Rope is an extension of self, a means of communication, and a transformative tool. Through a combination of rope binding and pressure, physical touch, and cultivating an awareness of shared experience, participants will learn techniques that can be used for various types of energy exchange, ritual practice, or to deepen the connection between partners. Participants will explore this tool through discussion, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and ritual practice. An understanding of energy work is assumed; however, no prior rope knowledge is assumed or required. Rope kits are available for purchase ($20/kit) or you may bring your own 1x10ft and 1x30ft lengths to use. No lending rope will be provided.

  • Suggested Duration: 150 minutes (2.5 hours) – 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • Format: Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-On
  • Space/Setup Requirements: Open Floorspace
  • Provided By Presenter: Rope Kits (available for purchase)
  • Parties Involved: Traeonna (Presenter), Kiltgrrl (Presenter), TBA (Demonstration Assistant)
  • Compensation: Please review Booking page.