While we do enjoy presenting and love opportunities to pay back the community that has provided us with so much knowledge, it is equally as important that we also consider our own needs in order to accomplish this without negatively impacting ourselves and our family, whether that be in time spent away (from work, from family) or financial burden due to travel costs. Our desire is to keep presenting commitments as cost neutral as possible.

We seek to balance our own needs with the ability of the individual/group/event that we are presenting for to compensate us. We understand that not all have the finances to reimburse us for our time, travel, and accommodations (if necessary); however, we feel a Fair Energy Exchange (FEE) for our services can be agreed upon with some conversation. This FEE is negotiable; monetary compensation/reimbursement, complimentary registration to an event, complimentary membership to a group, hotel reimbursement/stipend, trade of services, gifts of products, or other forms of compensation will be considered.

If you are interested in booking us for a group/event, we require Complimentary Registration for both myself and my partner (as we co-present many of the classes/workshops or assist each other in presentations). We ask that Travel Reimbursement ($0.15/mile or a flat rate) be considered. If the event is father than approximately 250 miles (approximately a 2-hour drive) or is a multiple-day event, we also ask that Accommodation Arrangements be considered. We have been hosted locally, had our hotel stay covered in full or in part, or have received a $100/night stipend. For smaller groups/events that are close to Toledo, we have accepted complimentary membership to the group and travel reimbursement or stipend. Some groups/events that have offered to split the door charge with us as well. There are a variety of options we will consider in order to keep our commitments as cost neutral as possible. As stated previously, the FEE is negotiable, so please share with us what can be offered and we will have a discussion.

If you are interested in hosting a Private Class, our Standard Rates are $30-50/hour for a Private Class (1-2 people) and a Private Group Class (6-12 people) is $15-25/person/hour with a 2 hour minimum/4 hour maximum for either. We also ask for Travel Reimbursement for such classes with the standard reimbursement is $0.15/mile (round trip) per class (we are willing to travel up to 2 hours one direction without overnight accommodations).